Nishitha Degree College

Dr.K.Swapna (M.Com.,MBA, Ph.D.)

Nishitha Degree & P. G. College was established by an eminent visionary of teaching Late .Sri.BhoomaiahGaru( Retired Telugu Lecturer ) in 1994. He had set the frame of strategies to mould the students from the rural to global level. Our principal is Dr. K Swapna, her name by itself invokes master in oceanic knowledge.Hesystematically stimulates all the students with her bank of ideas of banking sector and corporate sector , to cultivate by themselves. Principal is a "Pal" to everyone in finding solution to any kind of situation. Innovations and determinations being the core values of anyeducational institution in a globalization era.We have about 2000 students from undergraduation and post graduation. The enrollment of social, economic, religious and cultural background and differently abled students.All the students and members of the staff have been following all the teaching learning practices with prescribed syllabus to get sustainable human development.Following upto the social dynamic changes fuelled the globalization, and the consequent paradigm shifts in several fields, culture and competence.