Nishitha Degree College


The department of Mathematics was established in the year 1994 as B.Sc (MPCs) & B.Sc (MSCs) in English medium to import quality education and to train in the field of mathematics.

The department started a Post Graduate Course M.Sc (Mathematics) in the year 2014 with intake of 40 students per year.

The mission of the mathematics department is to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application. Moreover, the department will contribute to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners, to continue to grow in their chosen professions, and to function as productive citizens.

We are committed to improving mathematics teaching and learning for all. Good teaching means teaching for understanding centered around on what students know and do.

The primary goal of the Mathematics Department is to teach all students to think logically and critically. The curriculum supports the development of higher level mathematical skills and computing expertise for students in fields such as the natural, computer, engineering, and social sciences. Furthermore, the departmental programs and activities provide opportunities for academic excellence and leadership development, which enhance a liberal arts education.

SWOC And Future Plan

  1. The major strength of the Department of Mathematics is the quality of the faculty.
  2. Taking care of students in classes, which are from other medium.
  3. Motivating the students to participate in the seminars.
  4. Location advantage.
  5. ICT based teaching methodology.
  6. Senior and experienced faculty.
  1. Students are largely from rural background area.
  2. Syllabus/Course is not job/practical oriented.
  3. Most of the students from local medium.
  1. Providing campus placements.
  2. Giving guidance to students for their higher education.
  3. Education Awards are given to the best performances of students.
  4. Good job opportunity.
  1. To enhance basic skills of students for creation of self employability and employability.
  2. Efforts should be made to bring more corporate for campus interview.
  3. Bridge the gap between academia study and industry.
  4. Encouraging the staff towards research.
Future Plan of Department
  1. Request to University for Up-gradation of syllabi as per industry requirements.
  2. Enhancing systematically personality and skill development program for the students
  3. To inspire students for professional education and competitive examinations.
  4. Inspiring students for self employment through EDP Workshops.
  5. Enhancement of practical base teaching-learning process.
  6. Improving continuously Faculty Development Program.
  7. Maximum Use of ICT in Teaching-Learning Process.

Faculty List

S.No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Sri. M.Krishan Prasad M.Sc(Mathematics), B.Ed Associate Professor
2 Sri. J Ravi Kumar M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
3 Smt. B.Rekha M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
4 Smt. P.Anuradha M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
5 Sri. B.Naveen Kumar M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
6 Smt. R.Saritha M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
7 Smt. N.Navamadhuri M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
8 Smt. B.Hemalatha M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
9 Smt A.Shireesha M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
10 Smt. Gaddam.Mounika M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
11 Smt Ch.Mounika M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
12 Smt K.Soumya Sri M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor
Adhoc Faculty
01 Sri E.Balraj M.Sc(Mathematics) Assistant Professor


  • In Coordination With IQAC
  • Date:11-02-2021 Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Keynote Speaker Dr. MANISH R DESHPANDE Head. Dept of Mathematics & Physics, NSB College, NANDED
    Mrs. ASHA RAJENDRA MESHRAM Asst.Professor, Dept. Mathematics, NSB College, NANDED
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