Nishitha Degree College

Computer Lab


IT Infrastructure

The institution has well equipped Computer labs. Computers have hardware with latest configuration and licensed software. Number of computers with Configuration (provide actual number with exact configuration of each available system): The Computer Science Department has 232 Computers and all are supporting windows XP, windows 7, Linux. Licensed software : Oracle 7.3, Tora, NewGen library software, Quick heal Anti Virus Software of 10 users .Tally ERP 9 Multiuser, MSDN.Computer-students ratio: 1:6;

Some of the Features of Computer Labs are:

  • All computers in the college are in the LAN and have Internet access.
  • There are 232 computers being used at college.
  • All Computers are provided with broadband facility with 10 Mbps leased- line optic fiber connectivity.
  • Staff and students utilize this facility for downloading study and reference material.
  • Internet facility is being utilized by the students and staff for the preparation of projects and seminars.
  • The administration and account sections have internet connectivity
  • 5 Wi-Fi routers are available with high speed
  • To ensure glitch-free functioning of all equipment, the software and hardware engineer on campus, looks into the regular maintenance and attend to any routine problems.

English Lab


Skills Development Lab

English Language lab can solve this problem and make English learning process highly effective, interesting and intrinsic for both teachers and students, alike. This Lab not only enhances vocabulary, but also focuses on the finer shades of language like grammar, pronunciation, intonation, modulation, phonetics.
Learners learn without any fear or embarrassment which helps to build their confidence and proficiency in the language.

Important Features of English Lab:

  • Pace of Speech & Speech of Sounds
  • Vocabulary & Pronunciation
  • Fluency & intonation
  • ASL & MTI (Assessment of speaking and listening,Mother Tongue Influence)
  • Phonetics & Syllabic division
  • Soft skills

Physics Lab


General/Modern Physics Lab

The General Physics Lab is a teaching lab catering to freshers joining the B.Sc programmes offered by the institute. The lab has a set of experiments mainly in the areas of mechanics, wave mechanics, eletricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics. A set of ten to eleven expermients form the lab course taken by every first year student in the B.Sc programme.
Modern Physics Laboratory is established as a part of B. Sc Physics curriculum for third year students. 10 advanced experiments in spectroscopy, radiation detection, microwave detection, etc. are offered in each course. Student are given freedom to improvise as well as innovate on the existing instruments. Several general purpose equipment are kept in stock for students to design their own experiments.

Electronics Lab


Electronics Lab

The Electronics Laboratory in The Department of Technology is used for a variety of courses in industrial technology, engineering technology, and manufacturing engineering.This lab contains 10 work areas, accommodating 20 lab students.
Lab EquipmentIn addition, two Hampden Engineering DC/AC motor instrument stands are available for use in the Industrial Electronics course. In 2001, the Department received an NSF Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement grant which has provided funds for the computers as well as new oscilloscopes.

Commerce Lab


Realtime Experiments

Commerce Lab aims at stressing the importance of practical application of knowledge gained through theory. It helps students and staff members keep abreast of the latest developments in the business World.
Commerce Lab ActivitiesPractical orientation to students on matters relating to Banking, Insurance, Taxation, Foreign Trade, Corporate affairs, Stock exchange etc. by the faculty and resource persons

Features of Commerce Lab:

  • Digital display of latest informations such as currency exchange rates, bullion rates, wholesale price index, bank deposit & loan rates of interest, stock exchange rates and any other current relevant information
  • Preparation of Charts, Models, News Letters by students for display
  • Everyday group discussions on current issues
  • Conduct of Practical tests