Nishitha Degree College

About English Department

The Department of English was established in the year of 1994. Since inception of the Department has been the hub of teaching Prose, Poetry, Grammar and Communicative Skills at undergraduate level. The Department would help the students to foster their efficiency and skill in the usage of the language.

The Department of English facilitates jubilant and young learners who join in the lap of Nishitha Degree College to enhance excellent expected goals which are suitable to lead life with right attitude in the society. The Department always imparts the students not only simply required Language Skills but also Employability Skills such as Soft Skills, speaking, solving the problems and writingetc, to ensure to meet their glocal requirements.

Department Of English:



Salient Hallmarks:

Placement Drives’ Training:
The English Department provides corporate level training to the students to get jobs in reputed Multi-National Companies. The history of the placement drives is wonderful for these 26 years and thousands of students got selected in various MNCs.
Project Works :
The English Department gives significant project works to the students to meet great officers and discuss on any important issues which will be useful to the society.
Mock Interviews:
The English Department conducts Mock Interview sessions to improve their confidence to face any kind of interview in future.
Role Play:
The English Department offers a platform of Role Play to the students to enhance their communication skills.
Anchors’ Training:
The English Department facilitates the special training to the students to run the any Public Event with huge audience , by their mesmerizing heavenly voice.
The English Department provides various plat forms to the students. It is also one of them but it plays a vital role in presenting the topic with right body language.
Language Lab:
The English Department is associated with excellent lab to excel the listening skills of the students, which leads them to speak with correct pronunciation.
Reading News Papers:
The English Department brings this world in front of the students in organizing “ English News Paper Reading “ session which helps them to boost their vocabulary and news around the world.
Personal Counselling of Students:
The Department of English maintains highly interactive and congenial environment in the college. The students are encouraged to approach the faculty members as and when they feel the need for counselling. The members of the faculty are always willing to address the problems of students and help them in academic. On the new academic admissions, the admitted students are counseled and are told to strictly follow the rules and maintain discipline on the campus
Organizing National Seminars and Guest Lectures:
The English Department frequently invites eminent professors from various universities to our college to share their great and innovative ideas to the students.

Meet Our Faculty Members

“ An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality “ – Brian Tracy.
The English Department consists of dedicated team members. They think about career enhancement of the students. Indeed, they impart knowledge to create innovative ideas in the minds of the students. They share their erudition to design global citizens with right attitude. Every faculty member can attend a minimum of one professional conference or professional development seminar per academic year in his/her teaching.

Faculty List

S.No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Sri. A.Srinivas M.A (English) Assistant Professor
2 Smt. T Sarah Assistant Professor
3 Sri. V Rakesh Assistant Professor
4 Smt. P Jhansi Laxmi Assistant Professor
5 Smt. A.Mounika M.A (English) Assistant Professor
6 Sri. P Omkarreshwer Assistant Professor
7 Smt. B Swapna Assistant Professor
8 Smt. I Sujatha Assistant Professor
9 Smt. H.Mounika Assistant Professor
Adhoc Faculty
01 Sri. A Bhujangam Associate Professor
02 Smt Daisy Rai Assistant Professor

The English Language Club

  • To enhance the students’ English knowledge.
  • To make the students aware of importance of English.
  • To provide platform to students for the development of communication skill.
  • To create English Speaking environment on college campus.


The English Literary Club

  • To inspire the students to become orators.
  • To induce the habit of reading novel and short-stories among the students.
  • To strengthen the students to think independently and speak intellectually.


The Tourism Club

  • To motivate all the students to visit important places within the district.
  • To inspire the students to write assignments and share their experience in the class, after visiting places.
  • To boost maximum students to visit historical and industrial places.


The Health Club

  • To inculcate to maintain socialization in the class.
  • To brighten the students’ mental and physical condition.
  • To galvanize the lads and lasses to follow excellent food habits.


The English Drama Club

  • To encourage the students to act in the drama which leads to improve speaking skills.
  • To boost the students to write a skit and perform well.
  • The English Drama Club Members fortunately received the best compliments and certificatesfrom Telangana University.

The Green Club

  1. The Green Club: Estd 19-12-2021
  2. To motivate the students to keep their sorroundings green and clean by planting the trees
  3. To empower students to participate and takeup environmental activities and projects
  4. To influence neighbourhood communities to promote keep green and clean
  5. To explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the curriculum
  6. Organise seminars, debates, lectures and popular talks on environmental issues
  7. Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags and not to throw them in public places
  8. Campaign against use of loud speakers, motivate the students not to use crackers and fireworks
  9. Organise rallies, marches, human chains and street dramas in public places to create awareness on environmental issues