Nishitha Degree College

About Code of Conduct for Students

  1.  Every student must obtain an admission, identity card which must have his/her photograph attested and wear the identity card whenever he/she is in the institute premises.
  2. BC, SC & ST candidates have to submit the caste certificate and the latest income certificate issued by MRO/Mee Seva. At the time of admission student from other State/Central Board should submit their original Migration Certificate. Admission for foreign students shall be entertained only if they are sponsored by the Telangana University.
  3. For Scholarships ONLINE Application & Submission at office is a must. Also see notices for the formalities to be completed. Open Bank Account in the Bank earmarked by DSWO / Govt. / Authority.
  4. Plan to arrive the class on time and to stay for the entire class period because random entry and exits are disrespectful and distracting.
  5. Students must not wait in the institute premises while classes are going on. Talking and other disruptive behavior is not permitted while the class is going on.
  6. Students are expected to spend their free time in the library. Strict Silence must be observed in Reading rooms and Library.
  7. Ragging is banned in the campus. Anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging is liable to be punished.
  8. When the students meet a Staff member within or outside of the campus, they will greet him/her as a mark of respect.
  9. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the Institute that will interfere in any way with its orderly conduct and discipline.
  10. Students are expected to take proper care of institute property and help the institute authorities in keeping then premises clean. Damaging institute property like disfiguring walls, doors, fillings or breaking furniture, misuse of AC etc., is breach of discipline and guilty, will be duly punished.
  11. Students should not leave their books valuables and other belongings in the class rooms.
  12. Student applying for Certificates, testimonials or any kind of document or application which require Principal Signature should contact in the Office. Students should bring any paper directly to the Directory for his/her signature. It may also require No Due Certificate from the Library and other Departments.
  13. All Institute activities are organized under the guidance and supervision of the Director or Incharge.
  14. Students must not associate themselves with any activity not authorized by the Director of Institute. Serious action will be taken on students found organizing or participating in such unauthorized activities.
  15. It is the responsibility of the students to read the notice boards regularly for important announcements made by the Institute office.
  16. Limited parking space is provided for the Students and Staff and the same could be utilized as “First Come First” basis. The institute is not responsible for the safety of vehicles in the premises. Students and Staff may utilize the parking space at their own risk.
  17. Students joining the Institute are bounded by the rules and regulations of the institute and the College reserves the right to cancel the admission at any stage if it is found to be against rules.
  18. The Director is the ultimate Disciplinary authority in the institute.
  19. Feedback about the College by Students, Parents.